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COVID-19 has become a part of our lives and it is up to us to make our environment safe as we provide our services for our clients, in this case we have created measures to keep everyone safe.


  • All our employees are frequently checked for COVID-19.
  • All employees are given a work criteria and measures that are put in place to ensure they are following the regulations of the state’s government. 
  • We follow all the guidelines for each state we are located in

Aide Always Wearing a Mask

When taking care of a client, aides are always wearing a mask.

Aides Washing their Hands When Required

Before, after and during work, aides are trained and advised to wash their hands before catering to the clients.

Aides Take Temperature When Required

Aides are required to take a temperature of themselves before catering to the clients and also record it.

We Here at Integrity Care 360 take our client's health seriously.

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