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In 4.5 years with 24 hours a day care for my parents we went through 5 agencies before we found Integrity Care. 

 In that time we had many caregivers and some were very good, but Integrity Care was the only very good agency. 

 Integrity Care was the first agency to check on their care givers to make sure the client and the care giver were comfortable. 

 If there was a problem and we complained the other agencies would make a change sometimes complaining that our standards were too high. 

 The only difference in the other agencies was how fast they responded to the complaint. 

 Integrity Care has a standard that they demand of their caregivers which was higher than our standards. 

 We could also monitor my parent’s situation every day. 

 For anyone that cannot daily monitor the situation then Integrity Care is the only agency I would recommend. 

 For those people that can monitor their situation then Integrity Care can make everyone’s life easier.

Thank you,

Robert W. Loomis

Not all agencies are alike . We had 5 agencies before we discovered Integrity Care. We could not accept the kind of care that we were getting for both of our parents and then just for my father after our mother passed away. We had many people come through my parents house who clearly were more interested in their paycheck more than they cared about the care my parents were getting. When we finally had the Caregivers from integrity Care come to our parents house it was an answer to our prayers. After over 4 years and over 80 caregivers, we finally found what we needed and what we expected in the first place!

 I highly recommend this agency.

Nancy, East Granby

You provide a special gift daily by taking care of my dad in a special and thoughtful way. I have peace of mind when I know you are with him because you care.

Ann, Bristol

One of Our Happy Client Miss Viola  

I was so elated to hear the news that Integrity Care Service would care for my mother when other services in the area were non willing to provide the special care that was required of her. During a time of crisis in this pandemic that we are currently experiencing, your team delivered and is constantly available to any changes that are required to help my mother meet her daily needs. I live in Maryland and could never get my mother to move in with me, She wishes to be independent and is constantly thriving to prove it. Though it's not easy for me, I believe in letting our parents continue to pursue such living arrangements and for children to contribute as much from any location they live. My mother and I are so pleased with Integrity Care. With other care services in the area, It was difficult for us to achieve a level of satisfaction, with constant calling that yet another appt was missed because of their oversight. With Integrity Care the list of good goes on....they are there to assist in her daily needs and to help me assist her from afar; we work together as a team. Thank you Integrity Services


Leyda Camacho

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